Notes from a ski town just north of Ciudad Juárez and just south of Banff.

No Rowdy allowed

No Rowdy

by Devon O'Neil March 13, 2012 Brexico

The sign on the poolroom wall read: “No Rowdy.” We had come to the right place.

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Brexico and the Holidays

by Devon O'Neil December 13, 2011 Brexico

The holiday season in Brexico is different than most holiday seasons in the world.

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Pat mountain biking in Brexico before his move to Hawaii

Starting Over

by Devon O'Neil October 25, 2011 Brexico

At age 32, I can’t really grasp the concept of starting over halfway through one’s life.

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Mountain Gazette: Brexico Blog

Open Spaces

by Devon O'Neil July 28, 2011 Brexico

One of the undeniable human instincts, I believe, is to want to claim land and space for oneself.

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by Devon O'Neil June 29, 2011 Brexico

Surfers jones for ground swell and offshore winds. Skiers jones for light, dry powder. Climbers jones for the rain to stop.

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