To live large in the Rockies, we must embrace a new vernacular architecture that supports our lifestyles and doesn’t hog energy. This illustrated blog will call out the good, the bad & the ugly things being built in MG country, from the perspective of a self-taught designer, wannabe urban planner, passive solar advocate and master builder.

Meeker School

Why Our Public Buildings Suck

by Jon Kovash March 20, 2012 Mountain Architecture

An apt parable for how bad architecture has come to play a central role in the plight of our public schools.

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This Old House

Flip This Burger: Remodeling on Reality TV

by Jon Kovash December 19, 2011 Mountain Architecture

Hopefully, the era of the skin-deep and hurried makeover is ending.

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Gunnison, Colorado. Photo John Kovash

Ski Fences

by Jon Kovash October 13, 2011 Mountain Architecture

I’ve always liked ski fences, which seem kindred with fences made from surfboards, bowling balls, toothbrushes, bikes and bras.

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Make it stop!

Noise in the Mountains: Why do we have to shout in our public buildings?

by Jon Kovash July 13, 2011 Mountain Architecture

Next time you create or reform a space for humans, think about noise.

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Quonset Physics

Quonset Physics

by Jon Kovash June 2, 2011 Mountain Architecture

I have long been skeptical of the current “alternative” building fads: mud walls, dirt-bag walls, straw walls, tire walls, compacted trash walls, ad infinitum.

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