Postcard: Writing on the wall

Everyone loves a well-written bathroom-wall story in a mountain-town bar. I was reminded of that when I read the comments above the toilet at the Moose Jaw in Frisco, Colorado, last weekend. My favorite:

“Just lower ur standards”

“Just lower ur pants”

Photo by Devon O’Neil

3 thoughts on “Postcard: Writing on the wall”

  1. My favorite pissoir wisdom comes from the ’80s in Farquahrts, a gone-but-fondly-remembered watering hole in Durango, Colo. The gem read, “You’re never as fucked up as you are sometimes.” Wrap your head around that.

  2. out here, down here, in sunny Arizona we ain’t too fond of Texans which leads me to a bathroom wall writing I viewed once:

    “how do you make a Texan disappear”? the reply “give him an enema”.

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