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River woman circa 1967 (R. Rat image)

Frances & Polly Go Paddling

by Laura Kerr May 4, 2012 Features

Clarity is a good thing in the midst of a river adventure, that and serendipity.

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Colorado River

The Colorado: First River of the Anthropocene

by George Sibley May 4, 2012 Features

George refuses to believe that the Colorado River is ruined, and here is why.

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Crate Picture

Destination Occupy! Your Principled Resistance Tour Planner

by B. Frank April 3, 2012 April 2012

It started with a frustrated street vendor in Tunisia, who set himself on fire and ignited an Arab Spring.

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State of Emergency

A Different Kind of Storm

by Molly Loomis April 3, 2012 April 2012

Intoxicated by two red-eye flights and a 17-hour layover in Moscow, I arrived in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, at 5 a.m.

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Bruce Hayward

Ode to the World’s Best Traveled Man

by M John Fayhee April 3, 2012 April 2012

Travel for Dr. Bruce Hayward was about making deep connections with people and places.
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Open Sky

Big Bend

by Charles Bowden April 3, 2012 April 2012

I come to Big Bend to be alone. For years, people have told me why they do not come here. It is in Texas. It is a dead end with a long drive in and out. It can be very hot. It is a desert.

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Cooled Lava

Rumble In Hawai’i

by Craig Childs April 3, 2012 April 2012

I came looking for apocalypse. And I found it, though not exactly as planned. But isn’t that the case with apocalypse?

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A Memorial: Cal Glover’s Complete Mountain Gazette Discography

A Memorial: Cal Glover’s Complete Mountain Gazette Discography

by Mountain Gazette February 22, 2012 Features

Long-time Mountain Gazette contributor Cal Glover passed away in late-December 2012.

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BEST IN SHOW: Dog: Shadow [RIP] • Location: Grenadier Range, Colo. • Photographer & Human Companion: John Coe • Special prizes to come from our publisher

5th Annual Dog Photo Contest

by Mountain Gazette February 6, 2012 Features

Mountain Gazette’s 5th Annual Dog Photo Contest

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Man's Best Friend

Best Dog Ever

by Cal Glover February 2, 2012 Features

Okay, then. My dog is tied with your dog at the top of the list as Best Dog Ever.

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