BEST IN SHOW: Dog: Shadow [RIP] • Location: Grenadier Range, Colo. • Photographer & Human Companion: John Coe • Special prizes to come from our publisher

5th Annual Dog Photo Contest

by Mountain Gazette February 6, 2012 Features

Mountain Gazette’s 5th Annual Dog Photo Contest

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Challenge Of Rainier

Books: Rainier, Tour de Fat and Quitting Money

by Brendan Leonard February 2, 2012 Books

Reviews of “The Challenge of Rainier,” “The Man Who Quit Money,” and the “Tour de Fat Photo Book.”

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Arrested Development

Arrested Development

by M John Fayhee February 2, 2012 February - March 2012

In my little world, all cops are guilty until proven innocent

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Man's Best Friend

Best Dog Ever

by Cal Glover February 2, 2012 Features

Okay, then. My dog is tied with your dog at the top of the list as Best Dog Ever.

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Independence Pass, 1976

Mountain Vision #186

by Bob Chamberlain February 2, 2012 February - March 2012

His name was Bear, he had a displaced hip, and was about twelve or fourteen when he was shot by the Telluride town marshal.

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Gone to the Dogs

by Tara Flanagan February 2, 2012 Cartographic

There also seems to be a trend in the West for people to assume the name Dog. Not the urban Dawg, but just Dog.

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Moonlight Chronicles

Moonlight Chronicles

by Dan Price February 2, 2012 February - March 2012

Moonlight Chronicles for Mountain Gazette #186

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Ice Castles. Photo: Mark Fox

Ice Castle Imaginings

by Kimberly Nicoletti February 2, 2012 February - March 2012

This water, frozen yet shape shifting in time, transforms into anything you want it to be.

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