Country music lyrics in action on the bar at Kochevar's in Crested Butte. Photo: Dawne Belloise

Regrooving Country in the Rockies

by Dawne Belloise January 3, 2012 January 2012

You won’t admit it, even though your bluegrass friends might be more understanding, but you are secretly amused by the emoto-schlock lyrics served up by classic country music.

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Five generations of Pagosa Brewing Co.’s Nipple Mountain Nip barleywine style ale are served up at a “vertical tasting” for their 5th anniversary celebration on 11.11.11

In Pursuit of the Gnar

by Erich Hennig January 3, 2012 January 2012

Style. It’s how we define ourselves. It is also a fine method of establishing a common ground on which to meaningfully discuss beer.

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Charles Clayton's Great Grandfather and neighbor butchering a cow in Fraser circa 1918 or so.

The Lost Art of Treating Animals Like Animals

by Charles Clayton January 3, 2012 January 2012

We think of our animals as extensions of our families, and we treat them like people. Such attitudes would have been almost unthinkable a century ago.

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M John Fayhee: Smoke Signals

Colorado Songs

by M John Fayhee January 3, 2012 January 2012

Get Rocky Mountain High on these songs about Colorado.

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For many people of all ages, fun in the mountains involves a certain amount of risk. It turns you on and it can turn on you.

Freedom, Death and Glory

by Jay Cowan December 29, 2011 Features

The art and soul of freeriding.

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A Wheel Well for a Pillow

A Wheel Well for a Pillow: Getting By In Breck

by Mike Sudmeier December 29, 2011 Features

At home in a free parking lot.

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Gun Control: Reflections from the Shooting Range

Gun Control: Reflections from the Shooting Range

by Lance Waring December 29, 2011 January 2012

I’ve decided my life-and-death decisions should originate from choices made while climbing or skiing instead of from the flash from a grey-blue muzzle.

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