Way of the Mountain #188

Way of the Mountain #188

by Mountain Gazette May 4, 2012 May 2012

Rivers are the lifeblood of the planet, and the sculptors of mountains.

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The Cabin

Forgetting in a landscape of memory

by Jen Jackson May 4, 2012 May 2012

His eyes brimmed over, even as he laughed at the realization’s awkward profundity.

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Chari 1

Rivers of Cameroon

by M John Fayhee May 4, 2012 May 2012

My wife, Gay, and I just returned from a trip to Cameroon, during which we visited three different rivers.

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Smoke Signals by M John Fayhee

Crash Landing

by M John Fayhee April 3, 2012 April 2012

There’s a stunningly fine line between a “misunderstanding” and an “incident.”

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State of Emergency

A Different Kind of Storm

by Molly Loomis April 3, 2012 April 2012

Intoxicated by two red-eye flights and a 17-hour layover in Moscow, I arrived in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, at 5 a.m.

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Shellie Nelson, sole editor and employee of Mountain West News, taking a second to pause from reading what's relevant. Photo, Jon Kovash.

Mountain West News: Reporting on the Rockies

by Jon Kovash April 3, 2012 April 2012

Shellie Nelson and the High Country News provide daily breaking news in the Mountain West

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Jail Time in the Coconino County Jail

Jail Time In Cell 4 In The Coconino County Jail

by Mary Sojourner April 3, 2012 April 2012

The jail cell door clangs shut. I am in a tiny concrete room with a concrete bench and a concrete wall…

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