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The Best Bar in America

The Best Bar in America

by Erich Hennig November 9, 2012 Mountain Brew Notes

Recently, the Craft Brewers Association of America held a contest to try and find the “Best Beer Bar in America.” Members of the beer-drinking public were invited to vote through a website, and, not surprisingly, the winning institution is located in a place where the population within a 20-mile radius of the bar easily exceeds the total […]

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MG 192 Brew Notes

Taos Hum

by Erich Hennig October 3, 2012 Mountain Brew Notes

Sometime late in the last century, rumors of a mysterious low-level hum audible in and around Taos, NM, grew loud enough to draw national attention.

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I Want a New Drug

I Want A New Drug

by Erich Hennig July 6, 2012 July 2012

Politics has been called the world’s second-oldest profession. If this is the case, then, in this country, the third is making moonshine.

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Rectory Tower

Blaze of Glory

by Erich Hennig June 4, 2012 June 2012

Located just to the north of Moab, the crumbling rock towers of Utah’s Castle Valley stand broken and forlorn, ancient guardians of time itself.

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Beer and River

We’re not in (Ar) Kansas Anymore

by Erich Hennig May 4, 2012 May 2012

The newest member of the mountain-brewing fraternity is Elevation Beer Co., a start-up taking root in Poncha Springs.

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A good brew on the beach!

¿Tienes Experiencia?

by Erich Hennig April 3, 2012 April 2012

All I know is that, from that moment forward, I chose to spend the extra fifty cents on each bottle of Belikin Premium, and the ship, as they say, was righted.

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Porter the malamute wonders, “Dude, where’s my beer?”

Dude, Where’s My Dog?

by Erich Hennig January 30, 2012 February - March 2012

I have seen the future, and it’s dark.

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Five generations of Pagosa Brewing Co.’s Nipple Mountain Nip barleywine style ale are served up at a “vertical tasting” for their 5th anniversary celebration on 11.11.11

In Pursuit of the Gnar

by Erich Hennig January 3, 2012 January 2012

Style. It’s how we define ourselves. It is also a fine method of establishing a common ground on which to meaningfully discuss beer.

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Old Saint Nick enjoys a pint of the proper.

Oh Christmas Brew, Oh Christmas Brew!

by Erich Hennig December 6, 2011 December 2011

The most ubiquitous and varied seasonal in the brewing calendar is the enigmatic Christmas Brew.

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Steve Dressler, Head Brewer at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., puts a fine pour on a glass of Life & Limb

Breweries, Brewpubs and Beer Bars (Oh My!)

by Erich Hennig November 2, 2011 Mountain Brew Notes

We live in rad times. Proof of this can be found on the shelves of any decent liquor store.

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