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Elephant Revival. Photo: AnneStaveley

Stalking the Next Great Colorado Bluegrass Bands

by Jack Murray November 2, 2011 Mountain Music

A look at the next generation of bluegrass bands emerging from Colorado.

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Busking on Elk Avenue in Crested Butte. Photo by Dawne Belloise

Sing for Your Supper

by Dawne Belloise October 4, 2011 Mountain Music

It’s far different in the mountains for street performers, whose music and efforts are usually appreciated and rewarded.

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Babes in Bluegrassland

Babes in Bluegrassland

by Dawne Belloise August 2, 2011 August - September 2011

They grew up with rhythm thumping around their little heads, learned to dance before they could even crawl and were dragged off to many music festivals by parents.

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Life on the Road: Run-ins with Peace Officers and Real Mountain Cops

Life on the Road: Run-ins with Peace Officers and Real Mountain Cops

by Kimberly Nicoletti August 2, 2011 August - September 2011

What happens with the Peace Officers run into real mountain cops.

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These guys speak fluent redneck — the Honey Island Swamp Band.

Rednecks Everywhere

by Kimberly Nicoletti July 5, 2011 July 2011

Honey Island Swamp Band claims its Bayou Americana makes you smarter, thinner and better looking — but frontman Aaron Wilkinson also admits to being a fifth-generation North Florida redneck.

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The Almont Resort, between Gunnison and Crested Butte. Photo: Dawne Belloise

The Wild Side of Life: Roadhouses, Honky-Tonks and Dives

by Dawne Belloise June 28, 2011 July 2011

… a roadhouse, honky-tonk or just a dive?

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Metalhead. Photo: Dawne Belloise

The Damned DUI Factor

by Dawne Belloise June 1, 2011 June 2011

Music business is conducted in a far different manner than it was a couple of decades ago, primarily due to the internet reinterpreting how audiences all over the world access and listen, as well as how artists promote.

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Hip-Hop Grandma Doles Out Sex Advice

by Kimberly Nicoletti June 1, 2011 June 2011

Being the road-traveling warrior he is, MURS, who’s played Breckenridge and other mountain towns this season, thought he had seen it all — until he met Denver’s hip-hop mom a few years ago.

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Pete Dunda performs outside in Crested Butte. Photo by Dawne Belloise

The Original Mountain Slamdance

by Dawne Belloise May 3, 2011 May 2011

Grab a brewski, a partner and twirl into the sea of musical bumper cars, because anyone who can count to three and is still breathing can polka.

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Leftover Salmon

Mayor McCheese, and mountain culture, missing

by Kimberly Nicoletti May 3, 2011 May 2011

The Mayor’s latest disappearance is perhaps symbolic of the changes Herman sees in mountain towns altogether: the vanishing of true ski-bum traditions.

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