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burnt house

On The Temporal Nature of Loss

by B. Frank October 3, 2012 Mountain Notebook

Way I remember it, he was wearing a corduroy jacket, or maybe it was wool flannel — either would have stood out as old-school, since we were already living in the age of miraculously wicking fabrics

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Snowy Blueberries

Cold, Snow and the Fire in My Soul

by Tricia M. Cook October 3, 2012 Mountain Notebook

Is it the Northern European and Highlander blood romping wildly through my veins?

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ski flip

How to Watch Your Son Jump Off a Cliff

by Peggy Christian October 2, 2012 Mountain Notebook

You were the one who taught him how to ski. You were the one who wanted him to know the freedom of letting go. Of trusting your body to the downhill thrust of gravity and speed.

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Bird Watching in the Desert

Bird-watching in the Desert

by Michael Wolcott July 3, 2012 July 2012

In a dry wash north of Lordsburg, New Mexico, a skeleton dances. The bone man’s feet grind into the stony ground, dimpling the creek bed.

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The Green Room

The Green Room

by Codye Reynolds May 4, 2012 Mountain Notebook

I remember three minutes ago. Our small group huddled together up cliff, up river.

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