Postcard: Tortola, BVI

The British Virgin Islands are pristine for a number of reasons, most of them natural, but my favorite is the territory’s restrictions on who can buy property. You have to be a “BVIslander” (the senior status) or a “Belonger,” which is complicated but designed to prevent too many outsiders from buying into the islands then … Continue reading Postcard: Tortola, BVI

The Hermit: New Mexico’s First Mountaineer

The mystery of Giovanni Maria Agostini By Cameron M. Burns Perhaps the greatest tragedy of history is that it tends to repeat itself. And the greatest people who do remarkable things during one era are generally forgotten by those of the next. Paul Simon said it best, and simplest, when he sang: “Every generation throws … Continue reading The Hermit: New Mexico’s First Mountaineer

Land in the Sky: Commonplace

I have long been keeping something called a commonplace—that is, a scrapbook of quotes, proverbs, poems, and assorted vestiges of speech overheard on buses, sidewalks, and coffee houses. At present this commonplace book of mine amounts to thousands of pages, meticulously indexed for lack of anything better to do with such material. From time to … Continue reading Land in the Sky: Commonplace

Review: Kinds of Winter

Bush pilot, guide, dog musher—Dave Olesen documents what it takes to survive the north in “Kinds of Winter.” A Review by Dick Dorworth KINDS OF WINTER: Four solo journeys by dogteam in Canada’s Northwest Territories. By Dave Olesen Wilfrid Laurier University Press, $19.99 Dave Olesen is a thoughtful, articulate adventurer who closely notes the details of an extraordinary existence in which … Continue reading Review: Kinds of Winter

Postcard: Ken’s Cabin, Boreas Pass, CO

In the midst of winter’s rigor (wake, eat, ski, work, eat, sleep), a quick jaunt up to a backcountry hut can reset even the most frenzied of us. This is part of the allure of undertaking hutmaster duties for the Summit Huts Association (the escape ranks just above stirring other people’s poop). I do a handful of … Continue reading Postcard: Ken’s Cabin, Boreas Pass, CO